Gambling Terms You Should Be Familiar With

There are thousands of casino games that you can get to play online. And, they all come with their own rules and terms that may end up being a little confusing to new gamers. Therefore, if this is your first time attempting online casino game, then we are here to make sure that we have answered some of the questions that may be lingering in your head.

The No Deposit Bonus

The first thing that we will look at in regards to these gambling terms is no deposit bonuses. This term basically refers to free money given by an online casino or poker room for depositing your funds into them. The bonus usually comes from the house which means that if you don’t win any jackpot after using the bonus then you have not been charged anything. There are many casinos out there who offer such type of deals. These types of offers make people more likely to sign up as well as increase their chances of winning big when playing.

Withdrawal Limits

The second one is called “withdrawal limits”. It simply says how much cash can be withdrawn per month without being penalized. Some sites do allow players to withdraw everything on a daily basis but most only allow withdrawals once every week or two weeks. The main reason why some websites like this is because they want to maximize profits while minimizing losses.

Gaming Odds

3rdly let us talk about the odds. If you know what those mean you probably won’t need further explanation. But, just in case here goes: Odds means how often something happens. For example, say you put $100 dollars down on roulette and you bet 1 dollar each spin. That would give you 10 times. So, you would stand to lose $100 if you were wrong. Now, if you placed the same amount on red vs black, again you would end up losing $100 if you guessed wrongly. In both cases, however, you still had a 50% chance of winning the game. However, since you have less than 100% of chance of winning, you could also win $50 instead of losing $100. That is where the concept of odds come in handy.

The Rollover Requirements

Another very interesting concept is the rollover requirement. Rollovers are similar to withdrawal limits except that the former does not apply to slot machines. Instead, it applies to table games and video poker games. Usually, a player has to place x number of bets before he/she starts rolling over. After which point, he/she gets another round of betting until he/she wins enough to meet his/her rollover threshold. Then, the next time he/she plays, he/she needs to top off his/her balance so that he/she doesn’t run a loss.

The Minimum Wage Requirement

Then we have the minimum wage requirement. When it comes to real money gambling, the majority of games require a certain level of skill and knowledge to be successful. Therefore, it makes sense that the website owners wish to ensure that anyone who signs up for their site knows exactly what they are doing. Hence, they set a minimum payout percentage that must be met before deposits are released to the user.


Casino Wagers

Wagers refer to the total amount of money that a person puts forward during play. Normally, all online gamblers use credit cards or debit cards to fund themselves with their gaming activities. They might even use PayPal or other methods. What matters though is whether or not someone can afford to pay back their debts should they fail to hit the required sum within the allotted period.

Casino House Advantage

House edge is used to describe the difference between the expected value of a gamble compared to the true probability of success. A gambler typically compares different wagers based on theoretical expectations rather than actual results. Most games provide information about the house edge. On the flip side, the house edge may be misleading due to the fact that it represents a combination of several factors including the software platform, dealer efficiency, etc.

The Return to Player Percentage

Return to player percentage refers to the ratio of one-time jackpot winners relative to players’ overall casino earnings. RTP varies depending upon the type of game being played. The higher the return to player, the more attractive an offer will seem. Typically, casinos desire a high rate because this translates into increased revenue when the average player wins at least once per year.

The Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonus is offered by many websites as a way to entice new customers. It gives them a good incentive to sign up with your casino. There are two main types of deposit bonuses; free spins and match-able deposit bonuses. Free spins are given without any obligation while matching deposit bonuses usually involve having to make a pre-determined deposit prior to receiving the bonus. Some sites only allow users to redeem free spins multiple times whereas others allow unlimited uses.